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Phew! It’s hot out there isn’t it? My little ones aren’t used to this, being true Scotsmen they prefer things a little cooler, darker and damper. My garden and I, however, are not complaining.

The unseasonably hot weather has prompted a few questions about wearing a kilt in hot weather. We can totally understand, the thought of putting your little one in wool doesn’t seem so appealing.  Here are a few considerations, things that you are do to make your little one more comfortable.

  1. Kilts – If you’re concerned about putting your little one in wool, whilst we understand your concerns, think about the style of the kilt. Your little ones legs aren’t enclosed in trousers, air is free to circulate, cooling your baby. All our kilts are made from lightweight wool, very different to the heavyweight wool of a mans kilt, again maintaining comfort. You can opt for the poly viscoise option if you prefer. We wouldn’t recommend letting your babies go full Scotsmans though until they’re potty trained…. far too messy!


2. Shirts –  Our white collared bodysuits come with long sleeves as standard, though we can provide short sleeved ones on request. Another option would be teaming the kilt withe one of the loose fitting Jacobite shirts, available in our Arran package. Much more comfortable in the hot climate.


3. Socks and accessories – honestly, it’s hot, we’d suggest not bothering with the waistcoat, socks or accessories. Or at least doing away with them as soon as possible.

Enjoy it while it lasts everyone! Taps Aff!




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