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On Making it in to Hello Magazine!

It’s not every day something so huge happens as your kilts getting into Hello magazine! (Issue 27 Aug 2018, pg 34/36 for anyone who wants to check it out). I’m not sure I entirely comprehend how it happened yet. It has made me reflect on business though and how much of it can be forced, and how much of it is just a matter of good timing and circumstances.

When my friend approached me to make kilts for her boys she said she had a wedding to go to in London. (Nice I thought), her sister in law was getting married. (Oh that’ll be a good family get together). So, as per usual I bought in the tartan, got the boys measured up, and put in the same amount of careful effort in to those kilts as I would any other kilt I make.

On the week of the wedding, she picks them up and tells me that the wedding is at St Paul’s London (Oh lovely I thought, thinking by St Pauls she meant a wee church in a  suburb somewhere not ST PAULS CATHEDERAL). The following Monday I casually enquire as to how the wedding went, that’s when I find out that the wedding is going to be featured in Hello Magazine. Cut to me driving around all the local newsagents and supermarkets trying to find  copy of the magazine, which incidentally doesn’t reach Scotland until Tuesday even though it’s issued on Monday.

When I eventually get my hands on one, there we are! Goodness me! Ok, so Little Legs Baby Kilts isn’t named, but it’s still a confidence boost. You can see my signature nappy pin/kilt pin on the wee page boys kilt, which is good enough for me. So, whilst I’m not expecting to be inundated with orders, it’s nice to be able to say our kilts were in Hello magazine.

Once it was public I did get lots of lovely messages of congratulations, and well done messages, and “you must be so proud”. Which to be honest, while gratefully received, left me a little perplexed. I did nothing to deserve it, there’s no magic formula to getting in to Hello Magazine. This particular customer was treated exactly the same as any other customer, the same amount of care and attention went in to those kilts as any other kilt I make. It was more a situation of happy circumstance, circumstances for which I’m grateful for yes, but nothing to be congratulated on I’m sure.

Regardless Thank you for all your well wishes. I hope that the wedding makes the couple as happy as my mum was when she found out that my kilts were in Hello!

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