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How to Frame a Baby Kilt

When Little Legs becomes not so little anymore. 


One day you look up and your little one is no longer so little and you’re at a loss to know what to do with the ever admired and remarked upon baby kilt that they wore to weddings, Christmas and christenings. A photograph sits proudly on the sideboard of not just your household, but several others, and as you finger the hem and wonder what to do with this kilt made for little legs.

There are a few options of how to remember your baby’s kilt wearing days, now they are 10, 12 or 15. • Pass it down through the family
• Put it on Teddy
• Sew it into a quilt.

However if none of these appeal there is another option. (And by the way, there’s no need to wait till they are 10.) With tartan and stags and all things Scottish brightening up our living rooms a baby kilt in a nice frame is a pleasant addition.

Here’s how:

1. Before you start, make sure the item is clean and pressed.

2. Select items to be displayed with the kiltA photo of your little one in the kilt, any accessories, a reminder of the occasion: confetti, a program or song sheet. Try a few displays of the items out and see what looks the best. Or a simple kilt might be just perfect on it’s own.

3. Choose a Frame
A kilt is a bulky item, even a baby kilt, so one of the easiest ways to frame one is by using a deep frame. This is sometimes called a shadow frame. If there isn’t one to hand, try a standard frame, it might fit. Lots of places sell deep frames but if stuck for ideas both IKEA and Amazon stock them.

4. Attach the kilt to the back board of the frame. There are a few
choices on how to attach it, including:
• Self-adhesive velcro
• Sewing pins
• Command strips
• Double sided sticky tape.

Additional items can be placed with double sided sticky tape or blu tack.

5. Once attached hold the backboard up inside the frame.
• How does everything look?
• Move things around if they aren’t quite right.

6. Reattach the backboard to the frame and it’s ready to hang.

7. Sit back and admire your handy work and reminisce about the little legs in their baby kilt…unless they’re only 3 and have made off with the double sided sticky tape, scissors or pins!

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