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How to keep your Little Legs warm in a Christmas kilt.

If you’re looking for some traditional Scottish Christmas gifts or hand crafted loveliness going back though the centuries it’s going to be a tough job. Mainly because Google is going to tell you that Christmas wasn’t widely celebrated in Scotland and it only achieved holiday status in 1958. Fortunately for you Scotland caught up fast, which could be because the national dress is warm, wooly and cosy not to mention colourful and often RED!

Certainly tartan lends itself to Christmas decorations – ribbons, stockings for the fireplace with a cracking great tartan stag’s head above. So why not carry on the theme and keep your little one cosy in their little tartan kilt! But wait, it’s not trousers, it could get chilly, how to keep your little one warm for the festive kilt look? What about some under kilt leggings, wooly or other. A kilt and an Aran jumper or cardigan is a winning combination. Anything bulky and wooly will work. Even that super cute Christmas jumper with the penguin on it.

So that’s the little one dressed and if you’re feeling adventurous and thinking about adopting more traditions from around the world here’s a few to consider:

  • A traditional Christmas Eve gift for boys in Greece is a boat.
  • In Caracas people roller skate to church on Christmas morning. It’s so popular they even close the roads. (We should totally try this KBC folk!)
  • A 1974 Kentucky Fried Chicken ad campaign in Japan was so successful that even now, although Christmas isn’t a holiday there, families spend Christmas Eve in a KFC.
  • And it’s fried caterpillars for good luck in the coming year for lots of South Africans.

I wouldn’t blame you if after reading about fried caterpillars and roller skating you decide not to spend Christmas day with the family  in A&E. It might be easier to stick with the tartan decorations and your little one in their Little Legs baby kilt. Whatever you decide to do, or get roped into, enjoy some tartan festive time!

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