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Tartan at the Oscars!

Mary Anne


The big award ceremonies are an international melting pot with winners chosen on talent not where they are from. With the Oscars fresh in the news it’s time to take a look at the Scottish or tartan who’s who of the Oscars.

A big impressive 2019 win for Olivia Coleman, who may not be very Scottish, didn’t wear tartan but has performed with Scottish export David Tennant (who hasn’t won an Oscar yet).

More Scottish, or tartan wearing talent who haven’t yet secured the Oscar gold but are still very good include: Robert Carlyle, Ewan McGreggor, Kevin McKidd, Karen Gillan, Kelly Macdonald and Isla Fisher. (I considered Isla Fisher Australian too but she has Scottish parents.)

Now lets rewind and see who else is a notable Scottish or tartan winner.

Frank Lloyd was an inaugural year Oscar winner in 1929! He was also one of the founding members of the Academy Awards and president (1934 and 1935). He hailed from Glasgow and was better known for Mutiny on the Bounty, for which he received a Best Director nomination.

Peter Capaldi, you probably know him better as Doctor Who, is from LLBK’s closest neighbour Bishopbriggs in Glasgow. Another Oscar winner for his short film, Franz Kafka’s It’s a Wonderful Life.

Tilda Swinton who considers herself Scottish won for Micheal Clayton. She starred with George Clooney who also isn’t Scottish but would look great in a kilt!

Sir Sean Connery, from Edinburgh, was a slow burn winner after waiting three plus decades for his Untouchables win.

Before you think I had to scrape the bottom of the barrel with Tilda Swinton to even up the Scottish female winners here’s Deborah Kerr. Another Weegie (Glaswegian), and who knew the From Here to Eternitystar was even Scottish!

Annie Lennox, who won Best Original Song all the way from Aberdeen.

Kevin McDonald, director of Last King of Scotland and Oscar winner for documentary One Day in September.

Braveheart, Academy Award winner and a film with lots of tartan. It was mostly shot in Ireland because of the tax breaks – shame on you Mel Gibson.

Brave, an animated film with lots of tartan was produced by Dreamworks with a lot of Scottish and tartan inspiration. It’s Scottish director Mark Andrews cut a particular dash in his kilt at the 2013 Academy Awards. ‘Mon the kilts!

The list goes on, there are actually too many Scottish winners to mention…because like LLBK’s, a surprising amount of talent is exported from Scotland! Now there is no exact research to substantiate if wearing tartan makes you more talented than non wearers but after reading this, why take any chances. It would be safer to get your little one into their LLBK  tartan sooner rather than later. You just never know!

Craving to watch Brave in all it’s animated tartan splendour? There’s a good few tiny kilts in that and if you’re looking for inspiration for a new one, it’s a good place to start!

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