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Auld Rabbie Burns

Celebrating the life of Auld Rabbie Burns

When you have a young family it can sometimes feel that going out and enjoying the things you used to do, like eating, drinking and making merry, is off the agenda. Even making the effort to do something special at home can feel a bit daunting with the number and speed of the various plates in the air.

woman and man cheering glass cup beside table during night time


However with the festivities of December becoming a fading memory and the freezing January nights all too present, there is a spark of celebration on the horizon. Because here comes a “wee, sleek it, cow’rin timorous” celebration, otherwise known as Burns Night, to cheer everyone up!

As a customer and follower of Little Legs Baby Kilts we think you might have your family outfits organised already. So here’s our guide to the rest!





Creating an atmosphere

  • It’s likely you’re eating earlier than cocktails at 8 and dinner at 8.30pm but at least it’s still dark in January and fairy lights look good at any time of year (IMO).
  • Add some tartan ribbons for hair or as table decorations.
  • Make some tartan drawings for place mats.
  • Can’t think what to have for dinner – Rabbie Burns has given it some thought whether you’re blending or baby led weaning, Burns is way ahead of you.

Family Friendly Recipes – Haggis, Neeps and Tatties

Tiny Baby

Well it’s milk…milk…or milk with a tartan ribbon around the bottle.


Pureed potato or turnip.

Baby led weaning – cooked potato or turnip batons.


Haggis and chips or anything else that looks good on the table, floor or smeared into clothing. A toddler might prefer a vegetarian haggis and this can be dressed up or down as a face or a real live actual “historically” correct haggis!


There’s only ONE choice for pudding. All natural, fresh and easy to whip up. It’s got porridge oats, cream, honey, raspberries – lets have a warm Burns Night welcome to Cranachan!

Bedtime Stories

Look no further than any Burns poem! Animals, the outdoors and weather, it’s all there in glorious verse. Something else you might find in your local bookshop is Hamish the Hairy Haggis and Horrace the Haggis – can you see a theme developing?

Whatever you do this Burns Night, have a wonderful time from Little Legs Baby Kilts!