Handfasting cloths are becoming popular with Brides and Grooms who want to incorporate their traditional Celtic heritage into their wedding ceremony. In fact, the phrase “tying the knot” originated from the handfasting ceremony. During the ceremony a length of fabric, commonly tartan, is tied around the hands of the happy couple, literally tying them together.


If you are thinking of incorporating handfasting into your ceremony, we would be honoured to supply the perfect tartan handfasting cloth for your big day. You could start a family tradition of handfasting with a tartan handfasting cloth, and the cloth could become a family heirloom.


We have a stock of readymade handfasting cloths available at our Etsy Shop. Or, Little Legs Baby Kilts can create something bespoke for you. Bespoke prices are £30 per cloth. Embroidery is available, upon request, for a supplementary charge.