Made to Measure Service

We offer a bespoke service at no extra cost, so that your baby kilt fits perfectly for your special day. You do not need to be Glasgow based to benefit from this service, as it is just 2 simple measurements we require, which most people manage to do on their own. This means that we can make kilts for even the tiniest of babies.

Standard Sizes

We are also more than happy to make kilts to standard sizes if you prefer. People usually opt for this if they are planning ahead, or if the baby kilt is to be given as a gift. Our sizes go up to 5 years of age.

The way our ordering process works is that when you place an order, you provide us with the date that you require the baby kilt. We then book you in our diary approximately 3 weeks before the date you need it  (for UK orders, more or international orders). A week before we are due to make the kilt we will send you instructions on how to take measurements. We make it to these so that your baby kilt fits perfectly on the day of the event.


We do get asked a lot how long the kilt will last. This is a very hard question to answer, as it depends on how quickly the baby grows, but typically we would say 6 months (though in practise it can be much more). There is a good 3-4 inches adjustability in the waist and we are more than happy to make the kilt with a hem to be let down, or slightly bigger on request. Similarly, being velcro fastening means that the kilt can be worn lower on the waist for maximum longevity.