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Tartan of the Month: Choosing a Tartan

Stewart Hunting Modern
Stewart Hunting Modern

This is an introduction to a Little Legs Baby Kilts new feature – Tartan of the Month. Each month Little Legs will explore a tartan and bring customer insights and favourites to the fore.

So if you’re new to tartan wearing, here’s a starter for 10!

Feeling overwhelmed with the sheer number of tartans to choose from? Fear not, your ancestors from forever ago, who have probably been pretty quiet until now, can provide some inspiration. The good news is, a trip to St Andrews or wherever to find a clan is not required.  Just the correct spelling of your surname will do. Punch it into Google and, as if by magic, your tartan will reveal itself.

Scottish surnames crop up all over the world, possibly due to the Highland Clearances (1780s), gold discovered in California (1849) and Australia (1851), criminal minds en route from Britain to Australia (1868), or just Scotland’s weather. Plus Scottish folk have always been interested in the world at large and were forever off inventing stuff like the telephone, penicillin, the fridge, the television and  the toaster to bring people together.

If a proper Scottish surname is not to hand it’s “nae bother” to find a Scottish connection. It could be a favourite Highland and Islands holiday destination, a beautiful beach or just a favourite colour. Just so long as it’s not the Balmoral tartan which is reserved for the Royal family. Do not fear though, there are plenty of tartan which are “generic” or “fashion” meaning that they can be worn by anyone.

So that’s the Tartan Lite version of choosing an authentic family tartan! Next month Little Legs Baby Kilts will be introducing you to tartans you know and tartans you’ll want to get to know better!